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The Catalyst Podcast

Welcome to The Catalyst, a Life-Centered Financial Planning Podcast for Women in STEMM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math and Medicine)

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EP6 Plan Your Holiday Spending Thumbnail

EP6 Plan Your Holiday Spending

On today’s show, in my interview with Vickie Streitmatter of Empowered Financial Living you will learn how to avoid the post-holiday blues when the credit card statements show up in January and how to become debt-free. Then my friend Paul Adekoya will let us know if we need to look for 5G compatible electronics this holiday season.

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EP4 What if Your Husband had a Stroke Thumbnail

EP4 What if Your Husband had a Stroke

In today’s show, I interview Marylee Nunley, Founder and Executive Director of Refresh and Retreat Stroke Camp. Marylee founded Refresh and Retreat Stroke Camp after her husband suffered a stroke in 2001. Learn how she turned lemons into lemonade. Before we get to the interview, I present the importance of having long-term disability insurance and how to evaluate your long-term disability policy so you know if you have the coverage you and your family need. You can see a blog related to today’s show on my website and pick up the insurance evaluation worksheet I talk about in the show at: https://catalystwealthplanning.com/blog/open-enrollment-time.

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EP3 Eight Common Investing Strategies Thumbnail

EP3 Eight Common Investing Strategies

In this episode, Fran McKay CFP® shares eight common investing strategies: Benchmark Strategy, Dollar Cost Averaging, Value Averaging, Investing with Economic Cycles, the Contrarian Strategy, Value Investing, Growth Stock Strategy, and Small Stock Strategy. Resources: The Intelligent Investor (1949) by Benjamin Graham, Simple Wealth, Inevitable Wealth (1999) by Nick Murray, All About Asset Allocation (2010) by Richard Ferri, and The Investment Answer (2011) by Daniel C Goldie and Gordan Murray.

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EP2 Get the Maximum SS Benefit in Retirement Thumbnail

EP2 Get the Maximum SS Benefit in Retirement

In 2018, the maximum social security benefit is $3,698 per month or $44,376 per year yet the average benefit currently paid out is only $1,362 per month or $16,344 per year. Learn why the average is so low and what you can do to earn the maximum social security benefit. Resource: Annual Taxable Maximum Table

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EP1 Introduction to The Catalyst Podcast Thumbnail

EP1 Introduction to The Catalyst Podcast

In this inaugural episode Fran McKay, CFP® shares why she decided to start this podcast and to tailor it specifically to women in STEM fields. This podcast is about planning the life you want to live and tying your finances to this plan so you can be successful. Fran does not mean an ordinary life with limitations and obstacles that one cannot seemingly overcome. Instead, Fran wants every woman to live an extraordinary life. Her goal is to inspire women to live passionately engaged with the world by doing what they really want to do.

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