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The Catalyst Podcast

Welcome to The Catalyst, a Life-Centered Financial Planning Podcast for Women in STEMM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math and Medicine)

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EP11 The Feminine Mystique Thumbnail

EP11 The Feminine Mystique

The Feminine Mystique was written by Betty Friedan and released in 1963. Joining me on today’s show is Barbara Drake who interviewed Betty Friedan in 1999. We’ll be discussing the book and the role it played in the women’s rights movement and the National Organization for Women. Beyond equal rights and opportunities for women, Friedan emphasized the importance of supporting the family as a social institution.

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EP9 Leadership Mindset Thumbnail

EP9 Leadership Mindset

There are so many reasons why we want to become a good leader, even a great leader. Our guest is Robyn Marcotte of Aha! Leadership. In this episode, Robyn will show us how to develop a leadership mindset in order to become a leader who ignites a chain reaction of effectiveness to positively impacts others and the company's bottom line.

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EP8 Pet Care and Pet Insurance Thumbnail

EP8 Pet Care and Pet Insurance

Our guest on today’s show is Dr. Rachael Kuhn-Siegel. Dr Rachael is presently expanding her veterinarian practice and adding a dog kennel. We will hear her story and what she has to say about pet care. Stay tuned after my interview with Dr Rachael when I share three reasons why even high income families may want to consider purchasing pet insurance. peoriapetvet.com

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EP7 Beautiful Skin Thumbnail

EP7 Beautiful Skin

This week's episode features Liz Steffen of Vanilla Sugar Face & Body. Hear her story from joining the navy to opening her own salon, and get tips for keeping your skin looking beautiful.

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EP6 Plan Your Holiday Spending Thumbnail

EP6 Plan Your Holiday Spending

On today’s show, in my interview with Vickie Streitmatter of Empowered Financial Living you will learn how to avoid the post-holiday blues when the credit card statements show up in January and how to become debt-free. Then my friend Paul Adekoya will let us know if we need to look for 5G compatible electronics this holiday season.

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