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Faith-Based Financial Life Planning eCourse

Get the results you want with this engaging and empowering online course

Spiritual learning infused with financial planning principles to create a personalized, faith-based financial life plan:

  • You will learn what the Bible says about financial stewardship and why it matters in your walk with God
  • You will learn financial planning principles using straight-forward language 
  • You will generate a gap analysis of your financial situation
  • You will develop an easy-to-understand list of actions to narrow that gap
  • Finally, you will create a customized faith-based financial life plan for your specific situation and an action plan that employs proven techniques to aid in your success

eCourse Outline

  1. Faith-Based Financial Life Planning
    • What the Bible teaches us about financial stewardship
    •  How faith is incorporated into financial life planning in this course
  2. Faith-Based Money Mindsets
    • Values and beliefs that shape our personal finances
    • Rational thinking vs irrational behavior
    • Money personalities in the marriage and in the home
    • When money becomes mammon 
  3. Income
    • Protecting your source of income
    • Increasing your income
  4. Harvest Time: Giving Your First Fruits to God
    • Why does God command us to tithe
    • What does it mean to tithe
  5. Cash Flow Planning
    • Live below your means
    • Create your Net Worth Statement
    • Develop your Budget
    • In Debt? Outflow exceed inflow?  No problem! We can create a plan for that.
    • Income rich, savings poor? No problem! We can create a plan for that.
  6. Prepare for the Unexpected
    • Emergency Savings
    • Lines of Credit plus understanding your credit score
    • Property Insurance
    • Umbrella Insurance
    • Health, Dental, Vision Insurance
    • Life and Disability Insurance
    • Critical Illness and Long-term Care Insurance
    • Pet Insurance 
  7. Prepare for the Future
    • Understanding Interest Rates, Inflation, Depreciation and Compounding Returns
    • Buy vs Lease
    • Major Purchases
    • Family Planning
    • Retirement Planning
    • Special Events – Vacations, Weddings, Reunions
  8. Gifting
    • Responsible gifting to individuals and organizations
    • Strategic Philanthropy (tax-efficient giving)
  9. Estate Planning
    • What happens when you don't have an estate plan
    • POA, TOD, POD, Will, Trusts
    • Planning your funeral
  10. Creating Your Financial Plan
    • Tap into your personal power
    • Seek the wisdom of qualified and trusted advisors
    • Practice self-integrity and self-compassion
    • Create your SMART plan
    • Believe God will provide the HOW when you provide consistent desire and faith of a mustard seed
  11. Leaving a Legacy